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Wireless desktop indicator

  • HY-16W iron
  • HY-16W iron
  • HY-16W iron
  • HY-16W iron
  • HY-16W iron
HY-16W ironHY-16W ironHY-16W ironHY-16W ironHY-16W iron

HY-16W iron

  • Wireless weight indicator
  • wireless platform scale /bench scale
  • Product description:
Product Description
1. 6 bit 1.2" LED, large screen display ;
2. Selectable kg ,lb
3. automatically shut down the back light after half an hour while no body operate.
4. Bidirectional data transfer functions.
5. Dimension:252*157*100mm
6. Iron shell
Model HY16-W
For indicator
Display 6 bit 1.2" LED
Weighing Units kg/lb
Division 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 optional
Dimension(mm) 252*157*100mm
Power supply Battery DC6V/4AH
or AC80V~300V
External Interface RS232 interface ,can connect to PC or big screen display
Printer no
Operating temperature -25°C~50°C, RH 10%~85%, Non-condensing
Storage temperature -30°C~55°C, RH 10%~85%,Non-condensing
Communication Wireless interface,434M~470MHZ
For wireless sender
A/D conversion method Σ-Δ 24bit
Input signal range –19.5mV~19.5mV
Load cell excitation DC 5V
Max. connection number of load cell 1~12
Load cell connection mode 4 wire
Operating temperature -10 °C ~40 °C
Allowable working temperature -40 ° C ~ 70 ° C
Wireless transmission frequency 430MHz to 470MHz
Wireless transmission distance 300 meters (in wide place)