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Weighing Indicator Series

  • HY-D300
  • HY-D300
  • HY-D300
  • HY-D300
  • HY-D300


  • Control indicator
  • 4 input, 4 relay output
  • 4~20mA output
  • Product description:

1. Model:                                 HY-D300 weighing control indicator

2.A/D Input signal range:            -20mV+20mV

3. A/D Internal resolution:          1/1000,000

4. Sample Rate:                        80 times / second

5. A/D nonlinearity:                     <0.003%FS

6. Load cell excitation:              DC5V

7. Display:                            First row: 8 bits 0.56” LED, Second row: 6 bits 0.4” LED, 7 state indicating signals

8. Scoreboard interface:              Current loop communicate

9. Communication interface:  RS232C; RS485/Wireless Optional;

10. Input/Output :            4 input signals; 4 relay output;  4~20mA output

11. Power supply:                       AC220V , DC24(Optional)

12. Operating temperature/humidity:          -1050;≤90%RH

13. Dimension:              164mm x 89mm x 120mm

14. Hole size:                152mm x 76mm

Switch input output connection method


Valid (with signal) : when DC6 ~ 24V voltage is applied to an input port (connect I* port and COM port), the input port is considered to be valid (valid), and the minimum duration of valid signal is >=100ms

Invalid (no signal) : when the voltage on an input port is less than DC3V(connection disconnected), it shall be deemed as invalid (invalid). A button, switch (travel switch), proximity switch, etc. can be connected on each input port (see the figure below).


Output maximum switching voltage: 250VAC/30VDC;

Maximum switching current 5A.

Work mode:

Set the process number

0: no

1: Upper and lower limit comparison


Gross is between P01(lower limit) and P02(middle limit): OUT2 action

Gross is between P02(middle limit) and P03(upper limit): OUT3 action

Gross>P03(upper limit):  OUT4 action

2: An additive mode of ingredients

3: A subtractive mode of ingredients

4: Addition mode of two ingredients

5: Sorting scale self-check mode

6: External control mode of sorting scale